The Villas

Winery Villa

Old wine factory complex (Canava’s), probably since the Middle Ages took its final from in 1798 and was finally renovated in year 2000 by the architect owner of the property. This robust building is divided in three separate and independent houses. Two of them are sharing one oriental garden and the third one is on the terrace with immense ocean view to the Aegean..

Red Winehouse

Αn impressive old winery, transformed to an impressive villa.
This old winery was renovated in 1997-8 by a famous Greek architect and stands as a model of combining traditional architecture with industrial design. The building (220 square meters) is arranged on two levels separating and its uses. The first level is the main area (canava), and the second – which is on a higher level by 1.5 m. are the bedrooms and bathrooms.

House of the Angels

Old wine factory complex This building is divided in two separate and independent houses. A 60 sq m house built in the traditional Santorinian way, on the top of an old winery. Although connected to the winery’s court via step stone stairs, this house has an independent entrance from the pedestrian road.

This house is gifted with panoramic views over the Aegean Sea and the vineyards of Finikia from the terrace-balcony of 30 sq. m.

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All our villas are situated in “Finikia” traditional village, attached one to the other, and can be rent individually or together.