The Garden


The term oriental garden is used to describe the traditional gardens of the orient. They are surrounded by high walls offering protection and privacy, while their purpose is the entertainment of the host and the protection from the ambient heat.
The Northern part of the property is a sizable garden (about 200 square meters). Garden is full surrounded by the buildings of the complex, and the high surrounding walls. Main entrance of the villa is in the Northern wall.
Four stone built pillars are dominating the centre of the garden supporting wooden trellises locally known as “pergola”. Arbores of 150 years of age (the oldest) climb over the pergola, shading the beneath area with their leaves. During summer many bunch of eatable grapes are hanging from the arbores. An old dome oven was used for preparing the bread and cooking for the family and the winery workers. Dome is still operative although it needs skills and requires effort for using it properly. An open barbecue with steel rack stands beside the oven.
The tiny swimming pool is a very small indeed swimming pool inside the garden and in front of the winery house. One can use it for freshen up in the hot summer days. It is the favourite game for guest’s kids. The swimming pool operates with rain water which is collected into a large underground cistern by draining during the winter rainfalls. In evening hours the pale light of the swimming pool creates a romantic and mysterious atmosphere.

Along the western wall there is a parterre full of red geranium flowers, daisies, Yuccas and a very old pomegranate tree. Garden continues to the south with a large olive tree, almond trees, a damson tree, banana trees and cactuses.